Having a fascination with form and scale and it's impact on the viewer, I've worked to push the boundaries of both with my wheel thrown vessels. This has led me to a body of work that speaks to balance and volume; the forms seem to inhale and float. I've always been drawn to sawdust firing methods and for the past several years have been experimenting with saggar firing. Refined and contained forms are balanced with the unpredictability of the smoked surfaces, creating a relationship between the two seemingly opposing aesthetics; this interplay gives the work life, with some surfaces quietly refrencing landscapes and others indulging in lively patterns and color. The possibilities of working with materials in an unconventional way are endless, and always produce results that encourage more experimentation. I'm always looking for new combustibles that might spur a new direction.

I work out of the Midwest Clay Guild, and am currently on staff at Lill Street Art Center (Chicago) and the Evanston Art Center (resume). I exhibit nationally and internationally, and my work can be found at Blue Gallery in Kansas City and in private collections across the U.S.